Curtain Tracks and Rods

At Dial-a-Drape, we understand the importance of getting high quality curtain tracks and curtain rods for your window treatments. As one of New Zealand’s finest window furnishings manufacturers we make sure our customers also get the proper hanging fixtures that will last long without sagging over time due to the weight of the curtains. If you need durable and stylish curtain tracks & curtain rods in Auckland or anywhere in New Zealand, talk to the team at Dial-a-Drape today.

There are many different choices for curtain rods in any furniture store anywhere, but there is never really any proper assurance of outstanding quality. Many of them have excellent packaging, but lack in quality once it is up in place. With Dial-A-Drape, you can trust that what we provide may be the only hanging fixtures you will ever need. You only need to change them in case you undergo renovation and require larger curtains. Even then, you can still count on us to deliver the right curtain rods for your specific needs.

Our curtain tracks have been very good in maintaining shape and while it may not seem like a major factor, this is all the proof you need of a good value buy. Too many of these products have very low quality in build quality and materials, frustrating homeowners to no end.

Get in touch with Dial-A-Drape if you need quality curtain tracks and rods in Auckland or anywhere else in New Zealand. We can provide you with as many as you need.


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